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House Cleaning Service in St. Joseph, MO

St. Joseph House Cleaning Service specializes in bringing together professional cleaners and clients who want the absolute best. We work in and around the area of St. Joseph, MO and we will link you up with experienced home cleaners.

About Us

We work with residents in St. Joseph, MO, Elwood, Wathena, Agency, Easton, Savannah, and Country Club. Our job is to connect you with a trustworthy cleaner. Our team of professional housekeepers boasts a very high client satisfaction. Not only do we guarantee premium quality cleaning services but we also seek to save our customers the hassle of doing it themselves. It’s our ability to anticipate and fulfil all of their needs that allows us to thrive in St, Joseph, MO.

We use non-toxic materials that ensure no harmful substances come in contact with your living space to make it safe for your family, children, or pets. In addition to that, we maintain the highest standards of hygiene by using a variety of tools and cutting-edge equipment.

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Our Services​

We specialize in a wide range of cleaning services, all depending on what you are looking for. Our approach is very flexible in terms of what we can offer you. At the end of the day, our mission is to not only meet but exceed the standards you have for hygiene and cleanliness.

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Apartment cleaning

This will cater to the needs of modern apartments. We have a team of housekeepers who specialize in apartment cleaning. They have ample knowledge and experience and they know the ins and outs of how to elevate a living space in the most time-efficient manner.

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Deep cleaning

Along with routine cleaning, your house also needs a few deep cleaning sessions every other month. This is largely due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime generated by high foot traffic and frequent usage. Our deep cleaning team will get into those cracks and crevices to ensure that no dust, dirt, or grime is left behind.

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With our dedicated team of cleaners, we will send our very best to your home to do your housekeeping. You can expect them to follow a precise system to keep track of how everything in your house is meant to be maintained at all times. They will come over when needed and you can trust that they will go above and beyond to improve your home’s sanitation.

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Maid service

Our maids are professionally trained to ensure the highest level of dedication, work ethic, in addition to astounding results. Whenever your home needs a little pick-me-up, reach out to us and we will link you up with one of our top maids to take care of all cleaning duties while you decompress from a long day of work.

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Home Laundry Service

You no longer have to subject yourself to those endless trips to the dry cleaner’s. We have the tools, the knowledge, the skills, and the experience to take all your dry cleaning off of your hands. Pickup and delivery are conducted at your convenience and all items are professionally dry cleaned, ironed, and folded. So you can simply sit back and unwind while we take the best of care of the clothes you cherish.

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Airbnb house cleaning service

For our clients who operate an Air BnB, we fully understand how stressful it can be to manage another residential property all while maintaining good hygiene and proper sanitation. But worry not because, at St. Joseph House Cleaning Service, we are here to take that burden off your shoulders.